Paoli-Calmettes Institute: Drugcam Analysis

Analysis of compounding non-compliance identified by Drugcam :

A prospective data collection of non-compliance was performed within an IV room. The
recorded data is related to non-compliance with the procedure (failure to comply with
the compounding steps), diluent error (type or volume) or administration vehicle error,
vial error, purge or reconstitution volume error as well as dose error.
From January to October 2018, 49,394 preparations were performed using DrugCam
among which 370 (0.8%) non-compliance were notified by DrugCam.

DrugCam provides a manifest safety benefit for chemotherapy compounding by stopping errors in real time as well as in post-production. Over the analysis period, an average of 8 errors per week were stopped by DrugCam. 75% of errors were stopped during the preparation which demonstrate an obvious financial profit linked to increasingly expensive drug losses.