Prevent medication errors
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You’re an oncologist or pharmacist
in a chemotherapy reconstitution unit and you’re concerned about:

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Our solution :

The DRUGCAM® system

DRUGCAM®, the intelligent video system – a huge asset for compounding chemotherapies in a hood/isolator environment – a technicological innovation to prevent medication errors and guarantee the right product at the right dosage for the right patient.

In conjunction with the DRUGCAM ASSIST® module, its dynamic instructions and its equipment that respects the working environment, you can confidently guarantee the progress of your compounding and handling:
• Automatic validation and real-time monitoring of the active substances used
• Automatic validation and real-time monitoring of doses to be injected
• Automatic validation of the labeling of the drug-administration vehicle
• Automatic validation of compounding elements identifiable by means of barcode or Data Matrix technology
In this way, you can immediately spot and correct any preparation errors that occur during the compounding process.
Using the Web DRUGCAM CONTROL® module, you can keep video footage of your production. With smart navigation, it’s easy to review non-validated key phases of the compounding process if required. With complete peace of mind, you can carry out documented pharmaceutical releases remotely.