Our Expertise

about medication errors

In 2013, there were 440,000 deaths in the USA due to medication errors (cf. The Journal of Patient Safety (September 2013 – Volume 9 – Issue 3 – p 122–128) titled “A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care”).

This is equivalent to 2 Boeing 747 crashes every day!

In 2016, a study by Makary and Daniel was published by the Washington Post: “Medical Error - « The third leading cause of death in the US »

In March 2017,
the World Health Organization launched a plan to reduce medication errors by half in 5 years.

The Main Cause - Human Error…

This is a public health issue – but how can we reduce medication errors and their impacts on patients, staff and healthcare facilities? By automating human interventions?
In many cases, such as preparing personalized doses of medication, this is unimaginable – human expertise and dexterity remain irreplaceable!

Eurekam was the result of the encounter between healthcare professionals and engineers in AI technology, video analysis and materials design. The aim was to create reliable, robust, safe and secure technology that optimizes human expertise - technology that can, in real time and without wasting time, help a skilled human being to administer drug preparations efficiently, whether they’re personalized, standard or for clinical trials.
Eurekam has developed solutions using this new French technology. The equipment can be easily integrated into the work environment, and the AI algorithms ensure that the Right dose of the Right product is administered to the Right patient.

Efficient - Safe - Cost-Effective