Here at EUREKAM™, we believe that every patient should benefit from drug preparations of impeccable quality.

The Eurekam Team

Benoît Le Franc

DRUGCAM®’s inventor and co-founder of EUREKAM®

Loïc Tamarelle

President and co-founder of EUREKAM®

Thibaud Delattre

Business Manager

Gaël Le Baccon

Technical Manager


EUREKAM™ was launched in 2012, spearheaded by Loïc TAMARELLE, President, and Benoît LE FRANC, pharmacist at the general hospital in La Rochelle, inventor of the DRUGCAM™ technology and founding partner.

Having observed an unacceptably high number of medication errors (9%) linked to the preparation of the wrong dose, the use of the wrong molecule or the misidentification of a patient, we decided to use our skills in artificial intelligence and image analysis to offer health professionals solutions to eliminate these errors while retaining the human expertise that is crucial in this activity.
Our innovative approach was extremely successful with the invention of DRUGCAM™, our solution dedicated to chemotherapy reconstitution units, which has since become the best-selling safeguarding solution on the French market.
In 2017, DRUGCAM™ won two e-health trophies in the Health Professional and Jury’s Grand Prix categories.
EUREKAM™’s approach is backed by grants from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, Poitou-Charentes Innovation funds and Emergence Innovation 1 and Pluriel Atlantique funds represented by Sofimac Innovation.