“My primary concern will be to restore,
maintain or promote health”

is an adapted excerpt of the Hippocratic Oath

Your medical specialization:

The challenges you face:

  • The treatments I prescribe my patients use high-risk therapeutic molecules. I need to be sure that the dosages have been strictly respected during their preparation
  • If a patient has the slightest unexpected reaction to a treatment, I need to be able to identify the cause easily

Drugcam “provides traceability for the quantity of the product administered to the patient”

Doctor Giraud - Oncologist - Centre Léonard de Vinci, Douai

Our solutions give you:

  • Reliability and security with regard to the nature and dosage of products prepared for your patients
  • Indisputable proof with traceability via image analysis of the nature and quantity of the product prepared for the patient
  • An easy-to-use, hi-tech security system

“Drugcam is embedded in the computerized system for individual patient care, providing full, safe management of treatment and procedures”

Doctor Sevin - Oncologist - Centre Maurice Tubiana, Caen